Commercial Solar Power

CDE Solar & Batteries is an industry leader in the expanding commercial solar marketplace. We have a proven track record in installing tailored solar systems with the aim of making your business more profitable. With the ever increasing power prices, going solar with CDE Solar & Batteries will offer your business a financial advantage in your industry.

CDE Solar & Batteries makes it easy to move to solar. Our long term experience with energy system designs, installation, grid connection, and monitoring, coupled with outstanding customer service and a satisfaction guarantee offers you peace of mind that we know solar and how to deliver it.

CDE Solar & Batteries offers a different approach. We are NOT a sales based company with hidden costs and incentives. Our reputation depends on your experience dealing with us and the final installation so we work hard to be leaders in our field boasting specialised knowledge and cutting edge skills in the solar power market. Our sales staff are highly trained by an accredited Clean Energy Council accredited solar installation and design expert. This specialised knowledge ensures you are depending on an expert who will supply accurate information for the design, placement, performance and maintenance of your new solar system.

There are no hidden costs

The most common complaint the solar market are the hidden costs for metering and switchboard upgrades, incorrect array placement, incorrect system sizing and other misleading information given solely to win your business. CDE Solar & Batteries provides a seamless, simple end to end service to suit all your commercial solar needs and we guarantee you will understand the full financial commitment upfront. Our focus is on developing long term relationships with the region’s local business network.

A solution to suit the needs of your unique operation

We provide a complete range of energy solutions including solar installation, integrated financing and solar consulting services. You will enjoy benefits from your commercial solar installation from the moment it is turned on.

Your commercial building will benefit from our installation through:

  • A dramatic reduction in overheads
  • Fixed, long term energy rates, which are lower than current utility rates
  • Isolating your business from rising energy costs
  • A low maintenance, fully managed and reliable energy source
  • Advertising your corporate commitment to the growing demand for ‘greener business’
  • Swift project installation and implementation
  • An Instant return on investment

Hybrid battery storage is revolutionising the solar power industry as it offers consumers the ability to store their solar power for high peak consumption. CDE Solar & Batteries only installs hybrid- ready inverters, future proofing your solar power system.

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