Hybrid Battery Storage

Use Batteries to store your solar power for night time consumption!

Already have a grid connected solar power system? Sick of selling your unused power back to your Energy Provider for low feed-in tariffs? Looking for Energy Independence? Or maybe you don’t have room for solar panels at all. CDE Solar & Batteries Electrical has your solution:

CDE Solar & Batteries is one of the first companies in Australia to become Hybrid certified!

We offer a premium service and only supply quality equipment with a proven track record in the solar market.  Our installations are completed to the highest standards by accredited solar installers, ensuring longevity and high performance from your system.

How does a Hybrid system work?

Put simply, the unused solar power generated during the day by your system can be stored in batteries for you to use at a later time. This provides you with the ability to not have to purchase power from your Energy Provider during the peak night time periods. Instead you can consume your solar energy at night, resulting in significant savings on your energy costs while minimising your environmental impact.


No Room for Solar Panels? We have the solution!

If your home is not suitable for solar panels such as apartment living or major shading issues, hybrid battery storage is the solution to reduce your power bills. We can install a battery system to charge during low cost off peak rates then allowing you to consume this power during expensive peak times.

Why go Hybrid?

Hybrid solar systems offer the convenience of a grid connected system with the added benefit of storing your unutilised solar power in batteries to be used when the sun goes down! This means incredible savings off your energy bills as you no longer need to pay peak rates during the evening, you can use your own stored solar power instead!

Four key reasons to go hybrid:

  • You can store and use your generated solar energy, saving you money!
  • If your dwelling is unsuitable for solar power panels a hybrid battery system can be installed to charge during low cost off peak hours and then be consumed during the expensive peak times.
  • More reliable power- provides up to 24hours of energy back up in the case of the grid going down!
  • You minimise your environmental impact as you minimise your reliance on grid based energy consumption!

Hybrid is revolutionising the energy and solar industry. It offers the consumer energy independence as reliance on the Energy Provider is significantly reduced. You can take control of your power!

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