Stand Alone Solar Power Systems

CDE Solar & Batteries is a Stand Alone Solar Power System specialist. We provide solutions for customers who are unable or do not want to be connected to the public grid. We provide site specific designs and quotes as Stand Alone Solar Power needs vary widely for each premises.

We offer a premium service and only supply quality equipment with a proven track record in the solar market.  Our installations are completed to the highest standards by accredited solar installers, ensuring longevity, high performance from your system and confidence your will always have power available when you need it most.

How does a stand alone solar system work?

Stand alone solar power works by solar panels generating electricity during sunlight hours which then supplies your day time electricity needs while at the same time charges your storage batteries. When the sun goes down, your premises uses the power stored in the batteries. As the sun comes up the cycle starts again.

Ensuring you have the correct system is crucial for dependable and reliable electricity usage particularity during the winter months. For this reason CDE Solar & Batteries only provides site specific information and quotes, using the highest quality equipment with proven history in the stand alone solar market.

Call CDE Solar & Batteries today for an obligation free quote by our certified Stand Alone Solar specialists.